Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Masjid Sultan Salahudin Abdul Aziz, Shah Alam

Location        :  Persiaran Masjid, 40000, Shah Alam
Opening hour :  24 hours

Good evening peeps! We have decided to go to the well-known mosque in  Malaysia, the Sultan Salahudin Abdul Aziz Mosque, also known as Blue Mosque. It the the largest mosque in Malaysia not to mention the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia. It is called the Blue Mosque because of its large blue and silver dome. The construction of the Blue Mosque started on 1982 and completed on 11 March 1988. From a further view of it, the most prominent features that you can see are the 4 tall minarets and the large blue and silver dome itself. The 4 minarets are the world's tallest minarets in the world.

The view of the mosque during Maghrib from the parking lot. Frankly, we were so awed with the combination of the architectural design of Malay and Modernist style. It was our first time entering this holistic place!

Nasyitah and Puteri can't wait to perform their Maghrib prayer in this unbelievable mosque!

Just by entering the mosque, we had goosebumps because of the marble tiles and the structure interior design that symbolises the holistic place. Beside, this actually can accommodate about 24,000 worshippers of people at one time. Try looking at the bottom curve of the dome, there's a very fine decorative Arabic Calligraphy which was executed by the Egyptian calligrapher, Sheikh Abdel Moneim Mohamed Ali El Sharkaw. 

This is one of the Islamic's geometrical art that is used for Blue Mosque's interior design.

To go to the main hall for Muslims to perform their prayer, they had to climb these tall and steep stairs. It could be quite hard to those with knee or joint problem. But don't worry because people can perform their prayers in the hall at the ground floor level too.

The structure of the white pillars are very fascinating and very structured. From this picture, you  can see how big spacious the mosque is.
The Blue Mosque is too big that we did not manage to find the toilet and the ablution for us to take wudhu'. Luckily, there was this woman (I think she knew that we were lost),  who guided us the right directions. We think that the people in charge should consider adding the directions to the toilet because this mosque is enormous!

Ahaa! Besides being a place for Muslims perform their prayer, the Blue Mosque is very convenient in terms of their facilities. As you can see from this picture, they also have provided massaging chair so that anyone could relax and rest their mind for awhile.

After we performed our maghrib prayers, we managed to take a quick beautiful shot of the blue dome of the mosque that is enhance by amazing lighting. If you live around Shah Alam, you can easily see the Blue Mosque from afar. Stunning right ?!

For the non-Muslim who wants to visit this mosque, they should wear politely and bring some extra clothing to cover their head. If you're from Shah Alam, you can easily go to the Blue Mosque by just taking RapidKl bus (T529) or even by car.

You shouldn't miss any chance to go here especially when you are the resident of Shah Alam. It is more fascinating if you manage to take a nice shot of the mosque when the Sun rises (after dawn)  and when the Sun goes down (before Maghrib prayer). 

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