Saturday, March 22, 2014


Location : Faculty of Law, University of Malaya
Date       : 22 March 2014 (Saturday)
Time       : 7 am till 12 pm

Registartion Fees :

School Student - RM10
University Student - RM15
Public - RM30

This marathon is the first marathon that had been held by the ALSA (Asians Law Student's Association) UM. The ALSA UM had welcomed the ALSA members themselves, and also the public to participate in this marathon!It is estimated of 5km marathon. Well let us see whether we managed to get a place for this this >_<

Oh no! The starting point for us to start the marathon freaks us out! The participants were so energetic and enthusiastic to start the marathon. Everyone was in their sports attire and the UM ALSA white T-shirt that they provided for all of the participants. Some of them brought along their mini towels in case to wipe their sweats and some of them plugged in their earphones so that there will be no distractions when they are running.

The participants were enjoying the marathon in that very soothing morning.

Anyone who ran with a tie or a bow tie is the law students whereby the resemblance of the tie and bow tie was to apply their attire. As you can see, the guy is wearing a tie while the girl is wearing a bow tie.

Adlina and Najiy often went for marathon events so they were well-prepared but....look at Nasyitah, after only a few meters of slow jog, she started to walk because she's tired. Normally, before the upcoming event of the marathon that you'll be joining, you should at least practice by jogging to increase your stamina and you mind and body will get ready for the marathon. Lesson learnt by Nasyitah.

 Hey wait, that's Azura! 
We bumped into her at kilometer four and Adlina
 took a quick shot before we finished our run for another one kilometer.

Finally! We arrived at the finishing point after an hour of marathon-ing. Fuhhh, that was tiring!  

Not to mention, the law students were so creative that they made and wore motivating quotes. There were a few that quoted the points in their law study books so that while running, they can memorize the points bit by bit.

Looks like we didn't manage to get any places but who cares! As long as we enjoyed this marathon. At the finishing line, the law students gave us certificates although we didn't win.

We ended our marathon day with big smile ! 
It was fun participating in this event because we get to experience a healthy day together. 
We are hoping for more upcoming marathon events!
Have a great weekend everyone :)
Till we meet again on our next post ;)

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