Thursday, February 13, 2014

I-City, Shah Alam

Location: Jalan Plumbum X 7/X, Pusat Komersil Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Opening hours: 9.00am - 9.00pm

This month had been quite hectic for us since we have to juggle between our assignments and tests and tons of activities! Nonetheless, we still manage to go to many fascinating places nearby. If you're from Shah Alam, then you are likely familiar with I-City or known as the city of lights. The amazing lights are very amazing! We decided to go there after Maghrib prayer because it is better to go at night as the lights are on after 6.00pm. (That includes the parking ticket rises up to RM10.00 after 6.00pm) Most probably because the cost of the electricity used to generate the lights.

This is the map around I-City which includes other fascinating places 
like the WaterPark, TrickArt Muzium and also The Snowroom.
(This picture was taken from the internet)

Just take a look at the lights behind us...
It's so enchanting and beautiful!

Nasyitah was so amazed by the lights from the tree...
She decided to hug the tree (hahaha)

Najiy. Puteri and Adlina posed in between the trees!
(And oh, Najiy was our driver of the night!) 

The lights of the deer are white to symbolize it usually appears during winter season.

The colorful lights from every angle soothes the heart
from the hectic week full of assignments and quizzes!

The rides here are quite expensive. It cost about RM 5 per ride.
Thus, we decided to only take a picture of it.

Nasyitah and Najiy were quite upset because they could not go on for the rides
as it were quite costly. "Next time, perhaps."

Mesmerizing view....

And again....Nasyitah was amazed by the
trees here. Either short or tall -_-'

Just take a look at this closed-up shot!
You could see the LED lights inside the trees.
It must cost a lot for this project!

Adlina was tired but Nasyitah still managed to take a selfie...

 Pretty sunflowers with combination of different shades of orange color...

This was the most unique shot!
Just look at how the black tree captures the attention of everyone!
It is not everyday that we get to see a black tree.
Especially a lighted one!

So are you pumped to visit I-City? I know we are hoping for another trip here! We are also planning to go again because we didn't manage to go for the rides. It is just a 15 minutes drive from Section 18, Shah Alam. It is easy to get here because once you enter Shah Alam, there will be lots of signboard guiding you to I-City. Till then!


  1. Next time please make a review about the other place in icily. I really want to see the art museum :(

  2. Oh, and the wax museum as well!!!


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