Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Gardens Theatre, Kuala Lumpur

Location : Level 6, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Closed until Monday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Hello Monsters Machine fans! How is everything going on? You must be wondering where we set our feet this time right? Now sit down and hold on tight!

This time, we decided to go on a theatre trip. It was very our first time watching a theatre together so we were kind of feeling a bit excited! This event was actually held at The Gardens Mall’s very own theatre centre named The Gardens Theatre, where lots of local performing arts scene joined and performed here.

Now let us tell you something about this unique place. Located at the sixth floor of The Garden’s North Tower, you will be amazed when you enter this place as it eventually starts with a “secret garden-like” entrance that is tucked away in a corner. So visitors are led down to a tunnel with luxurious, textured walls and dramatically dimmed lighting, and it somehow feels both medieval and futuristic at the same time.

It is also a perfect spot for scenery lovers to enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful Kuala Lumpur, regardless day and night. So the room can actually fill in about 320 people at one time, means that the place is quite small compared to other theatre place such as Istana Budaya. According to their website, the facility itself is a fully-equipped two-tier theatre that seats 320, with an 8x5m stage that is well-suited to smaller productions. The clean, organic lines of the space’s architecture and a soothing colour palette bring to mind an amphitheatre, albeit one with a comfortable, intimate feel. Moreover, the plush seating and wood accents in the decor further create a luxe ambience.

This is how the theatre looks like : can approximately fill in about 320 people at one time.
Back to the story, the event was actually organised by UiTM’s Education Faculty, and so we're really surprised to see the show was performed by the lecturer themselves! With the help of Nasyitah’s friend, we got the tickets for just only RM25. Cheap, isn’t it? 

The show started at 8.30pm, so we got there 1 hour before it started. And to make the event more lively, we decided to dress up and looked beautiful on that night hehe.

Overall, the show was really enjoyable. We even got the chance to take some pictures with the actors! We definitely are looking forward to come again to watch any available theaters here soon.

With one of the performer! He was very talented and he almost got us scared!

Oh and by the way, there will be lots of shows coming up, such as musical and drama performance. So what do you need to do right now is just log on to their Facebook page,, and keep updated with the important dates.

For transportation, it is very easy to reach here. If you’re driving, the landmark building is MidValley Shopping Mall as it is situated just next to The Gardens Mall. If you’re taking public transports, you can ride a train (KTM) from KL Sentral and stop at Mid Valley Station.

Here are the fares for each transportation:

By car : Approx. RM5 (Tolls)
By train : RM1 only 
By foot : It’s free!

I guess that’s all for now, our loyal readers. In shaa Allah we will keep our blog more updated with next enjoyable events/trip at exciting place. Stay tuned! And have a good day!

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  1. I never watch a theater :( it looks exciting and fun ! Btw three of you look pretty ^^


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