Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Laman Seni Street Art Gallery, Section 2 Shah Alam

Location : Section 2, Shah Alam, Malaysia

For our first trip, we decided to go to the nearest place located from Intec. Therefore, Section 2 caught our attention because of the lively street art gallery. Known by most photographers and art lovers, the Laman Seni Shah Alam is actually a typical back alley. However, the unique part is that the walls are transformed into creative lively designs and murals, anticipating people to go there just to capture beautiful images.

Entering the magnificent street art gallery...

If you take a closer look at the image above, there's a word "Fradoo". 
It actually resembles the famous dessert ABC, located near there. 

According to the Mayor of Shah Alam, the project was to change 
the people's perceptive towards back lane alleys. 

The "classroom inspired" artwork is the most eye-catching
among all because real tables and chairs are attached to the wall.

All the shots are fascinating and captivating right?
Go grab your latest DSLR or simply bring along
your smartphones to take cool shots of
yourself with the paintings!

We also manage to take a photo of ourselves!

Now how do you get there?

By bus : RM 1.00
By taxi : RM 5.00
By foot : Free!

The prices are all from Intec, Shah Alam and the good news is, it is only approximately a 10-15 minutes ride!

Besides, you can enjoy the famous "Ais Batu Campur" at the Section 2 Foodcourt, which you can walk in less than 5 minutes!

Just look at the tempting and mouth-watering dessert!

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  1. Last week I went searching this street art like crazy!! Still couldn't find it anywhere. We ended up eating the fradoo abc only :(


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